Chamber Board members

Contact Information

President:  Tim Trull, Owner of Lindsay House Bed and Breakfast.  (920) 878-0882. Email:

Vice President:  Robin Glocke, Manawa Community Living Center. (920) 407-1305. Email:

Treasurer:  Renee Berg, Premier Community Bank.                          (920) 596–2531. Email:

Secretary:  Ellen Connor, Sturm Memorial Library.                           (920) 596-2252. Email:

Director:  Jamie Lane, Owner of Winemaker’s Daughter.                 (920) 596-2498. Email:

Director: Kevin Mitchell, Owner at TK Bar & Grill and Little Wolf Diner & Pizzeria.                                                                                           

(920) 407–0944


Director: Karen Riemer, Owner at Take Charge Nutrition.             (920) 359-2224. Email: