Added Value

Your Chamber Membership is Working for You

The Manawa Area Chamber of Commerce provides services to our members.  As a benefit and added value of your $100.00 membership, we encourage you to take advantage of these services in your business.


Everything listed below is included in your $100 membership fee.

Annual Value

Brochures – Displayed in the Chamber Window at the Manawa

Municipal Building and other local businesses                                                                         $50.00


Business After 5’s – Yearly networking opportunity                                                           $20.00


Networking Circle – Get the word out to members at Chamber meetings.                    $20.00


Chamber Bucks – Gift certificates redeemable at businesses.

Over $25,000 sold last year.                                                                                                          $25.00


Keytag Program – Free or discounted products or services when a

Customer shows a keytag.  People will come for deals.                                                             $30.00


Membership Listing/Mailing/Email List – Listing of all Chamber members

with addresses.                                                                                                                                 $20.00


Referral Service – We only pass on Chamber member’s information to

potential guests and customers.                                                                                                   $20.00


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – With Chamber members and picture in paper.            $25.00


Chamber Monthly Newsletter – Produced and then emailed and posted on

social media and website reaching over 1000 individuals.                                                    $40.00


Website Listing & Social Media – Free business listing on the Chamber’s

Website with a link to business website.  Postings on social media sites.                        $100.00


Educational Speakers –                                                                                                          $50.00


Events – to bring in more potential customers.                                                                   $50.00


Mailers – Clip and Save mailer to residents                                                                         $1000.00


Promotional Manager position – promoting Manawa through events.


Total Annual Value                                                                                                          $1450.00


*Values determined by current market and Chamber staff time.

Please contact the Chamber at (920)596-2495 if you have questions regarding any of these programs.